03 January 2012

Iowa Caucus is Finally Here

Thank God. Tomorrow morning, it'll all be over.  Well, at least for me.

Today is the Iowa Caucus, and unless you've been living in a cave you already know this.  Even then, I'm pretty sure the cave-dwellers are firmly entrenched in Ron Paul's camp already, but that's neither here nor there. What's most important is that the madness in my beloved state will be over with.

Being the first state to hold a presidential caucus/primary, I'm used to the media frenzy and all the ridiculous political ads constantly running on local television.  2008 was far worse for ads, given that both parties were battling for candidacy. What I'm sick of this year is all of the negative crap Iowa has taken from ignorant bastards in the media. I'm sick of having my state painted with a broad brush of stereotypes. That we're all bible-beating hillbillies, working on farms or unemployed in economically depressed towns. That we're all about keeping our guns and hating gay people.

Look, I'm not saying those things don't exist here.  They certainly do. But when the only political party campaigning heavily is trying to cater to that crackpot sect of society, suddenly the mainstream media grasps hold of it and paints a picture that everyone is like that. Probably the most offensive article, or at least the one that drew the greatest amount of backlash was the piece written for The Atlantic by University of Iowa professor Stephen Bloom.  At last check, there were 1752 comments online responding to his article and very few I would say are in praise of it.

There have been plenty of articles written in response to Bloom's article or others like it, defending Iowa and its people. I for one make no qualms about being an ardent defender of the Hawkeye State myself.  But of all the media to come out in the past month I think this video has to be the best thing I've seen.

So tomorrow, I'll wake up happy, knowing that the rest of the country no longer cares about us, which I much prefer. Hopefully some people will at least come away with a more positive image of my state than what the ignorant media portrayed.

So stop trashing Iowa. Like the video says, "We're nice...fuckwad."


Gretchen said...

Love it all. Native Chicago-suburban-ite, now attending school at University of Iowa..i love Iowa and Chicago, but not the suburbs so much anymore.

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