10 January 2012

Iowa Man Busted For Drunk Driving. In Other News, Iowa Man Busted For Drunk Driving.

An underrated classic that came out when I was in high school was the John Travolta movie A Civil Action. There's a scene where Travolta's speeding down a backroad and gets pulled over by a local cop and given a speeding ticket (No word on whether that cop stalked him to ask him on a date). About 10 minutes later in the film, he's zooming back home and gets pulled over AGAIN and given ANOTHER ticket.

I love when life imitates art. Except in this case, replace Massachusetts with Iowa Illinois and the impish charm of John Travolta with the possibly vomiting drunkenness of one Joe Vance.

From the Quad City Times:
An Aledo man was arrested on drunken driving charges twice in the same night.
Mercer County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Joe Vance, 65, on Saturday after receiving a report of a possible intoxicated driver on Illinois 94 near Hamlet, which is north of Aledo.
He was cited with DUI and taken to the Mercer County Jail where he posted bond and was released.
According to a Mercer County Sheriff’s Department report, approximately three hours later, Vance was arrested by deputies again for DUI while driving a different vehicle. He was again transported to the county jail where he later posted bond and was released.
"I can't make a beer run. You know I already got caught with a DUI tonight."
"Just take my car. You didn't get a DUI in that one, did you?"
"Shit...I didn't! Capitol idea, old chap!"

EDIT: I've been informed by our faithful reader The Hundley that this happened JUUUUUST on the Illinois side of the IL/IA border. Sorry for the mistake. I sometimes consider everything in Illinois outside of Chicago to be either Iowa or Missouri.


The Hundley said...

Aledo is in Illinois, you munch!

Rich said...

Blame our HNN sources on this story.

Jake said...

Jebus. As a geography major I'm embarrassed to be a part of this blog.

Joseph P. said...

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