25 January 2012

Mark Wahlberg Saves the Planet

At this point most have heard about Mark Wahlberg's ridiculous claims of what would've happened had he boarded one of the planes that were hijacked on 9/11. He's since apologized repeatedly for the remarks.

But that gave me an idea. What if there was a series of books where Mark Wahlberg helps thwart various tragedies in history? This could be the next big thing in young adult literature!

After some brainstorming here were a few ideas for the series.
  • Mark Wahlberg Prevents the Holocaust
  • Mark Wahlberg Rescues the Lindbergh Baby
  • Mark Wahlberg Takes a Bullet for JFK
  • Mark Wahlberg Stops a Tsunami
  • Mark Wahlberg Delays Challenger Launch
  • Mark Wahlberg Puts Out the Chicago Fire
  • Mark Wahlberg Kills Nickelback
  • Mark Wahlberg Convinces Young Hitler to "Stick With the Art Career"
  • Mark Wahlberg Cures AIDS
  • Mark Wahlberg Helps Mrs. Bieber Get an Abortion
  • Mark Wahlberg Takes a Bullet for Lincoln
  • Mark Wahlberg Safely Steers Titanic Around Icebergs
  • Mark Wahlberg Fixes That Thing In Africa
  • Mark Wahlberg Decides to Never Have a Rap Career
  • Mark Wahlberg Keeps Original Van Halen Lineup Together
  • Mark Wahlberg Bankrupts Jerry Sandusky's Upstart Charity Organization
  • Mark Wahlberg Cancels "The Simpsons" After 10 Seasons
  • Mark Wahlberg Takes a Bullet For Fun
The list of possibilities is endless. I think I'm on to something here.


MEMBERS FIRST 2009 said...

How about mark wahlberg takes a bullet for president mckinley?

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