13 January 2012

Rich's Friday Midwestern Roundup

Rocco's Modern Life, AMIRITE???
There's nothing like a Friday for just phoning in a post, right? Here's some stuff that happened in the Midwest yesterday:

  • There was a landlord in Ohio (shocking, right?) that put up a sign on her pool that said "Public Swimming Pool: Whites Only" and thought everyone would just be OK with it. Seeing that this was in Cincinnati, where 45% of the population is black (as opposed to 12% for the rest of the state), this was pretty much the worst idea of all time.
  • Iowa City police are investigating a sex shop robbery where the perpetrator stole an $1,800 sex toy called the "Mega Masturbator". If I were the detective on the case, I would look for the guy in the ER with second degree burns on his crotch and a huge smile on his face.
  • In Evansville, Indiana "Man Fears For Missing Albino Wallaby" is news. Let that sink in for a minute. No, I did not make that up.
  • Minnesota upset Indiana at home last night in men's hoops. I'm told this is a big deal. Really, we just needed some Minnesota content on the site. Come on, Minny. You're letting Ohio and Iowa grab all the headlines! Time to step up the crazy!


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