05 January 2012

Ryan Braun Might Have Herpes, Still Probably Cheated

For the past couple weeks there have been rumors swirling around about Ryan Braun receiving treatment for herpes and that is what caused the spike in testosterone and thus the failed drug test.  This may all seem somewhat reasonable, if such a thing could actually occur.

But then there's this little article I came upon.  The interesting part of Dr. Sax's article is this:
...treatment of herpes is incredibly safe. How in the world would it lead to an elevated level of testosterone?

Turns out, it doesn’t.

But a quick search of “acyclovir” and “testosterone”, plus a perusal of an actual book — the irreplacable The Use of Antibiotics – finds that there are some obscure animal studies suggesting that anti-herpes drugs could do the reverse, i.e., lower testosterone levels.
He then makes a "very speculative conclusion" that the doctors could have given him testosterone while undergoing treatment.  But that's completely fishy too.  There's no way a player in the majors would knowingly agree to take testosterone, even if it wasn't for performance enhancing purposes.

They can keep spinning stories all they want but if they keep coming up smelling like bullshit, it will do nothing to help restore Braun's image and reputation.


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