17 January 2012

Television Crushes 4 Year Old. Apparently, This Kind Of Thing Happens All The Time.

The following story should be the oddest thing you've heard today. And if not, man...you've got a lot of weird stuff going on in your life.

From the Chicago Tribune:
Before heading off to Minnesota more than a week ago, Adam Hadjis leaned over and kissed his 4-year-old daughter goodbye as she slept. It would be the last time he saw her alive.
Gianna was playing by herself over the weekend when a large TV tipped and fell off a table, landing on the little girl's body, according to the family. "They said her skull was severely crushed, and she had a massive bruise on the bridge of her nose," Hadjis said this morning.
'Crushed by a television' sounds like an incredibly unique way to go, right? Well...it's not. This is the third case of a child being crushed by a television in the Chicago area in the last THREE MONTHS.
Shaniya Singleton, three, was killed when the family's 27-inch older model TV fell and crushed her head. She was said to be playing with her brother when she bumped into the TV stand causing it to topple over.
Karl Clermont, six, was crushed to death at his home by the family's 165lb television. He is believed to have been trying to climb up it to reach the juice box on top of the TV when it came crashing down.
 Is this the kind of world that we live in? Television-related deaths are now a monthly occurrence? I think the strangest part is that not one of the cases involved a flatscreen television falling off of some kind of wall mount, which would have been my initial thought.

I'm not going to make a joke about this, because there's nothing funny about kids dying in terrible ways like this. But you know who will make a joke about the situation? THE GIRL'S OWN FATHER!
"Most people are more concerned with what their children are watching than the TV itself," Hadjis added.
That...that's dark, man. #TooSoon?


Jen said...

Well... once you become a parent you will read this, among others, in all of the parenting books/blogs/magazines. This actually is not something I would consider weird since I've heard it before. It's so pathetically sad.

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