03 January 2012

Welcome To The Midwesternist. Please Stay.

Writing the first post for a new site is the worst job in the world. Even as I type this, I know that the majority of people that ever visit this place over the years months days it will probably exist will never see it. But it wouldn't make sense to just jump right in and make some post about the Big Ten and their lackadaisical bowl showings so far (Michigan State aside).

So who exactly are we and what's the deal with this place? This site is the brainchild of myself and a few other Midwestern-dwelling writers after such failed attempts at keeping a blog alive as Thunder Matt's Saloon and Pomp Culture, both of which were described by business magnate Warren Buffett as "passable". We noticed a distinct lack of sites chronicling what exactly happens in between the coasts. There might be a good reason for that. But as you'll find out over time, if not for dumb ideas, we wouldn't have many ideas at all. We would also have less charges pressed against us.

So where will this site succeed where all of our others have failed? Excellent question. Do I have an answer? Absolutely not! But if nothing else, this should be a good site to add into the rotation of places you constantly refresh while at work and not doing actual work.

 I'll leave you with a small taste of what you're probably in for around these parts. Two of us are currently in Chicago, so you'll probably get a lot of bias in our posts akin to the map below, which is how we see the rest of the Midwest from our Liberal Utopian Metropolis.

That's pretty accurate if you ask me.

Any hate mail or requests for nude pictures can be sent to contactus@midwesternist.com or thrown at us via Twitter at @midwesternist.


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