08 February 2012

Fantasy Baseball 2012

You spent all that time and effort, and the damn thing
doesn't calculate VORP?  You sir are a failure!
Time to get nerdy.  The 2012 fantasy baseball season is fast approaching and if you're like me, you've already been spending the past month preparing.

What's that?  You haven't?

That's ok.  I'm actually well aware that the vast majority of folks out there are not like me and haven't been obsessing over stats and projections.  That's why I'm sharing the wealth.  My lack of a social life and nerd number-crunching is your gain!

The first edition of my 2012 Fantasy Baseball Rankings are now available here at The Midwesternist.

I hope to provide updates to the rankings on a weekly basis and will also go more in depth at each position with upcoming articles this month.  So check out the rankings and stay tuned for more coverage this preseason.


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