09 February 2012

Unfriend Someone On Facebook, Get Murdered

Maybe I made a mistake the other night unfriending someone on Facebook for having terrible grammar and being an awful human being. Apparently one of the consequences is COLD BLOODED MURDER.
MOUNTAIN CITY, Tenn. – A father who was upset after a Tennessee couple deleted his adult daughter as a friend on Facebook has been charged in the shooting deaths of the couple, authorities said Wednesday.
The victims had complained to police that Marvin's Potter's daughter was harassing them after they deleted her as a friend on the social networking site, Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece said Wednesday.
Potter, 60, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in last week's slayings of Billy Payne Jr. and his girlfriend, Billie Jean Hayworth. The couple was shot to death in their Mountain City home in the far northeast corner of the state. Their 8-month-old baby was found unharmed in Hayworth's arms.
Wait, the couple's names were Billy and Billie? Classic Tennessee!

There's really not much to add to this. It would have been crazy enough had the girl herself killed two people for unfriending her. But the fact that her father was all "NOBODY PUTS JENELLE IN THE CORNER!" and Harry Brown'd two people? If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought this news story was the plot to a new Oliver Stone movie.


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